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  Ben-Franklin-Papers.Com is the Internet's largest resource for essays and papers on the life, works, and autobiography of the man who genuinely represented the American dream: Benjamin Franklin. History books have long recognized that Benjamin Franklin represented many things throughout his lifetime. Not only was he an inventor, printer and publisher, but he was also one of the instrumental parties present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, where he announced that "we must all hang together, or most assuredly we will all hang separately." It was Franklin's intent to promote colonial unity and utilize his writing talents as a means by which to reach the masses. His strong belief in education and opportunity for all was matched only by his diplomatic attributes in helping various entities come to agreement without having to resort to hostilities. Inasmuch as he harbored a love for literature and the written word that ultimately spurred him on to opening the first privately supported lending library in the United States, as well as helped to establish the University of Pennsylvania. His research was instrumental in bringing about such discoveries as electrical current and bifocal eyeglasses. He is loved by historians, remembered by academics, and studied by college students everywhere. This site offers dozens of examples of papers and essays designed to help those writing their own. Visit our essay list and select as many reports as you like! Same day delivery is GUARANTEED on all titles and FREE excerpts are available upon request! Strop struggling to understand the life & works of this great American and get the help you need..TODAY!!!

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